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Top 10 Tips to a Successful Legal Website

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Legal website
  1. Use your networks and connectedness to grow your business FAST. In other words promote your brand and firm online by delivering content in a timely manner
  2. Keep your website up to date and relevant for your market. Clients want to be able to access and download information on your site.
  3. Build your reputation and deliver relevant value constantly
  4. Use the automation tools that are available. Small businesses now have more resources than ever, cloud computing, e-hubs, back office functions like accounting, payroll and e-commerce may seem expensive initially but will deliver over time and save you money
  5. Become the Go-To Authority in your locality and be available for media enquiries and follow ups.
  6. Have a balanced service page on your website with Frequently Asked Questions as Google now rank these over SEO and they build credibility on your site.Being nimble can make or break your business.
  7. Consider a Web Chat Bot on your site which helps clients and saves you on receptionist calls and conversations that waste fee earners time.( Talk to me if interested in setting this up for your business Maluchat )
  8. Add value to your existing clients by anticipating their needs and guiding them to deal with you for their future.
  9. Use Google Analytics so that your business is Data driven and relevant.
  10. If you always do what you have always done you will always have what you have always got.
  11. It is time to boost your business by appropriate and relevant marketing and present your firm in the right place at the right time. is now the leading Irish content marketing tool for smart solicitors and is delivering relevant and valuable content daily to savvy solicitors websites and social media pages.

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