Legalrss is the answer to Irish solicitors marketing and is cost effective.

Sligo solicitor increases web site traffic by 263% in just 6 months using

Michael Monahan Solicitor knew that regular blogging and article writing for his web site was the best way to drive traffic to his business but when the opportunity came to evaluate Legalrss for his business he was left in no doubt that Content is King!

Monahan Solicitors are an approachable and friendly law firm providing expert advice to their existing clients for over 30 years.They constantly strive to improve their services by the use of technology to reduce the costs of legal advice to clients while at the same time never losing sight of the personal touch which confidential legal advice requires.

In order to increase our client database and grow our firm we were just blogging ourselves on an irregular basis with no strategy at all.

It was:

            1. Difficult to create content

            2. Difficult to find the time to write

            3. Not sure what content people would want to read on our site.

We knew that Content is King but overall the reality is that it is hard to consistently write good content and find the time.

Clients want a website that is easy to navigate and that delivers relevant and valuable content to them in easy to understand language.  delivers content daily to solicitors websites and social media accounts. The content is written by Irish Journalists and is automatically uploaded to the solicitors site by RSS code (Real Simple Syndication ) Once the code is installed you need do nothing more however if you re-purpose your content on your social media accounts you will achieve greater results.

Monahan Solicitors web traffic grew by 263%in just 6 months by using LegalRSS on their site. This resulted in 3/4 new client leads everyday since May 2018.

” I have no hesitation recommending if you want to increase your legal website traffic and client database.”

Here are three top reasons for using Legalrss

  1. Irish content from Irish legal journalists
  2. Relevant and valuable content  for your site visitors and clients
  3. Saves fee earning time and money is the answer to Irish solicitors marketing and is cost effective.