In our recent market survey we asked you what was the single biggest challenge for Lawyers in marketing online. The results were that 42% found driving traffic to their website was number 1 followed by creating content at 28%.Big shout out to all who completed the survey for us.

As a result we have developed a self paced course to teach you everything you need to know about marketing your law firm online successfully.

This course will transform your marketing from sporadic into a 

content creating driving traffic machine for your law firm. 

We are going to transform you from passive to marketing guru over the 6 modules of the course.

The Market Your Practice with Exactness Course 

Module 1.  Website Fundamentals 

  • Essential tips on getting your website functional and optimised for clients.

Module 2 .  Paid Ads Yes or No ? 

  • The difference between search engine ads and social media ads. When to use them and not waste your money 
  • You will learn from examples from previous clients and success stories.

Module 3.   Creating Content 

  • How to create the appropriate content in house for your firm.
  • How to target the clientele you want to work with
  • How to repurpose content across all platforms
  • How to build your in-house team and get them creating content too.

Module 4.  Driving Traffic Daily 

  • How to develop your marketing mindset so that you take action everyday.
  • How to get involved on social platforms to engage and build trust in you and your law firm.
  • How to create the correct message for the correct platform at the correct time.
  • Learn how to enjoy driving successful traffic and converting that traffic to clients 
  • How to make this a part of your day and not an obligation.

Module 5. Metrics and Analysis

  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis with Google Analytics explained.
  • How to understand the metrics and make them deliver for you.
  • How to understand insights on social media and benefit from this info to turn contacts into clients.

Module 6.  The Strategic Game Plan.

  • How to create a content marketing plan
  • How to create a marketing calendar and stick to it.

Checklists, Execution and Plans are all included 

Downloadable workbooks

Support Q & A live weekly where we will answer your questions, hold your hand and give you answers from tried and trusted law marketers.

If you enrol on the course today we have some surprise bonuses for you , but more on that later. 

The Market your Practice with Exactness course is now open and you are invited to take part.

We know you are personally busy so consider taking part in the course as a firm and getting your in house marketing team onboard also.


If you are looking to buy asap (you will have access to the first module immediately). Here are the steps to follow 

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3) Fill in your details and 

4). Woohoo! You are now a Marketing your Practice with Exactness newbie!


You can get access to the course this minute.

Now this course is about so much more than my own efforts.

This course is not just the sum of my knowledge but the knowledge and info I have gleaned over the years from delivering CPD for the Law Society of Ireland and listening to Lawyers regularly both in the UK and Ireland.

The entire Legalrss Ltd team have had input on the course content it is based on their research and knowledge of delivering content for over twelve years.

We are excited for you to take part in this course, do the action items and follow our step by step guide to ‘Marketing your Practice with Exactness’ 

YES you can do this 

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We will see you on the inside ………