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Legal Business

There is absolutely no doubt that Content is King and this expression has been bandied about for quite some time.However the way content is consumed has changed and the consumer now prefers to watch video and acquire knowledge in short sharp bursts. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter!

So in your legal business how would you achieve attention and engagement.

Legalrss content can be converted into video quite simply and re-purposed on your website and social media posts.

In a recent study with a client we drove traffic and engagement through the use of video with Legalrss content.

The video was distributed across all social media and the website which increased traffic and engagement for the legal business

Legal Business







Since using Legalrss for this company they have grown their daily traffic from 24 Users in April 2017 to 114 DAILY users in 2019.

This video of an article on Legalrss was posted on You Tube ,Facebook ,Linkedin, Blog Post and Twitter which drove traffic to their website consistently.The video was re-purposed and the comment altered for each social media site.

Legal business














Delivering relevant and valuable content consistently to your website and social media sites will drive clients and client leads to your business

Legal Business

As seen on Linkedin

Legal Business

This is a copy of the blog post on the clients website. delivers for your legal firm.

Free trail and demo available with pleasure!

Increase traffic of 68.8% through videoLegal Business

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