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An Effective Blog Should Drive Traffic to your Website Daily

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Blogging has remained a unique way to drive traffic to our clients websites, even as other sites continue to pivot their marketing strategies towards video content and social media creation as the Holy Grail of establishing an online presence. While these mediums certainly have their place in content marketing strategies, our experience is that blogging is both a lasting and adaptable platform that has enabled us to publish up-to-date and sharable content, displaying to our clients that we are both looped into and engaged with current issues that are affecting the personal lives of our customers.

The goal of creating an effective blog should be to drive traffic to your website, as well as to continue fostering relationships with both new and existing customers as you broaden your online connections. By utilizing the right strategy that a blog can offer, businesses can leverage the opportunity to produce high-value content that not only ranks highly in terms of search results, but also converts organic visitors to the site into actionable leads. It’s all about publishing content regularly – and that means committing to blogging long-term.

On our LegalRSS Blog Marketing Software , we have been focused on producing consistent, high-value content for our readers since 2014. From areas as broad in scope as property law or medical negligence, to topic-specific pieces on what to do if you are injured while holidaying abroad, the overall aim of our blog is to be targeted towards a specific audience and offer real-life solutions to real-life questions that our legal readers will value and appreciate in matters of legal complexity.

Like any project worth undertaking, there is no secret formula, hidden trick, or algorithmic equation for success when it comes to showcasing your knowledge and attracting people to your blog. The key, as simple as it may sound, is to regularly publish content that is target specific and explores matters of interest that your readers want to know about. By being a definitive voice in your area of expertise on subjects that are relevant to your readers, we have found attracting visitors to your site will happen naturally as you seek to offer your services and expand your client base.

In analysing data collected from Google Analytics, we can see that page views of one of our long standing clients  have increased from 4,930 in 2016 to 14,139 in the first 8 months of 2022 alone, representing an increase of 186.8%. This is an astonishing level of growth that was made possible by the determination to regularly post content that is both high in quality and relevant to the target audience for which it is intended, providing us with the opportunity to transform leads and inquiries into satisfied clients.

In an age of surplus content, however, some may question the value of an online blog in an over-saturated market. Despite this prognosis, our in house team believe that blogging is still a flourishing area of successful content marketing with the potential to reap huge rewards for every business. We live in an era where the answer to every question begins with a Google search, and so improving your blog’s online visibility and presence should be a key consideration, if not the top priority, when seeking to support the growth of your business. After all, if you’re not Google-able, then you may as well be invisible.

Of course, blogging will not instantly lead to hundreds of views and an inundation of leads, and so it is imperative that you are patient and give it time to generate interest and traffic.The discussion of topics that are timeless and impact the day-to-day lives of our clients have continued to generate leads days, weeks, and months after they are published, motivating us to regularly write about topics that showcase our expertise, authoritativeness, and credibility on a broad range of subject matter. 

By determining to set up our blogging software  and consistently promote our informative material on pertinent legal issues in Irish law, the  Legalrss team continues to go from strength to strength. Not only have we witnessed an accumulation of frequent growth in users of our software, but also in the conversion of initial inquiries to satisfied clients who want expert answers to their legal questions.

Consistent posting of quality legal content is the core of LegalRSS , and thus part of an overall successful business strategy in today’s content-focused world for Irish Solicitors.

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