10 Top Tips for a Bank Holiday Weekend Perspective-Focus on the After….

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Legal Business

1.Your choice to react to the changes Covid 19 has brought to your working life in a positive manner 

2.Focus on the future of your business by making your client better off AFTER working with you.

3. A client may not need YOU today but they may need what you can DO for them

In the future.

4.Have a clear objective for your business post Covid .I want my business 24% more profitable by year end 2020

5 Do what you have to do to achieve this objective 

6. Email is not dead so keep in touch with clients online 

7. Write in plain English do not confuse ,have a clear message.

8.Do not “pat your own back” the client wants to know what you can do for them not YOU! 

9.Stay up to date as Benjamin Franklin said”If you empty your purse into your head you cannot lose it ,an investment in knowledge pays  the best dividend. Now is a great time to read, watch TED talks , do CPD and update your skills.

10. Exercise, get moving and get the buzz that endorphins bring! 

Enjoy your weekend and Stay Safe 

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