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In this series we at LegalRSS will outline why your Law Practice should choose to do business with us. The Law Society’s recently released ‘Crowe Report’ outlines a number of recommendations for practices seeking to grow their business.
We can assist your practice in easily implanting some of these recommendations;

  • saving you time and money, while simultaneously
  • increasing visitors to your website, resulting in
  • more clients for your business.

The first recommendation of the Crowe Report is that:

“Smaller practices should diversify business development activities.

What does this mean?
According to the report, smaller practices rely heavily on

“referrals and their existing client base for winning new business.”

And, while the benefits of having a loyal client base that provide repeat business are numerous it will not result in growth.

“Relying on this mechanism alone to win new business does not sufficiently futureproof the practice,” the report states.Referrals are also considered to be a great source of generating business for SME’s. However, according to the report, these are “unpredictable and are not a scalable source of business if the pool from which referrals come is not growing.”
What can be done to increase business?

“Smaller practices need to diversify their business development activities and move beyond a reliance on their existing client base and referrals.”
And that’s where Legalrss can put your law practice on the digital map.

One example of a diversified business practice is: “Market scanning, to understand market trends and client needs.”
LegalRSS can help with this. Our team of journalists is across all media, scanning national and regional titles to find stories in the public domain that relate to your practice. If you choose to do business with us; these stories will quickly, easily and regularly find their way onto your website. This will illustrate, in a very real way, to prospective clients what your practice can do for them.

For example; if your business specialises in personal injury claims, the latest stories detailing successful settlements will appear on your website, highlighting the success your firm can achieve for them.
One of our clients, a Sligo based solicitor, saw traffic to his website increase by 263% in just six months by using LegalRSS.
“We have had to increase our team in order to cope with the increased workload,” Monahan said. “I have no hesitation recommending LegalRSS if you want to increase your website traffic and client base,” he added.

If you wish to avail of this service, visit our website here or simply call 087 284 2945 for a quotation.

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